specific goals for 2017


While writing environmental impact reports and assessments in classes during my Bachelor’s program, I learned how to differentiate between vision statements, goals and objectives. The vision expresses an overarching goal – it describes what you want to become and sets a direction. The goal is relatively arbitrary as it is simply what you want to achieve; the objectives are specific actions that must be taken in order to achieve that goal.

I’ve spent time thinking about what I’d like to improve in my life and reflecting on the different ways I want to be a better person. For the new year, I’ve chosen to establish specific goals and objectives that will help me be a happier and more loving version of myself.

Vision statement: I aim to actively work to be a better version of myself.

Goal 1: Practice what you preach
Objective 1A: Become a vegetarian for environmental and health purposes
Objective 1B: Cut palm oil out of your diet to stop supporting the palm oil industry
Objective 1C: Live more sustainably – try to reduce the amount of plastic you use

Goal 2: Practice love, be kinder to others, and lessen the hate in your heart
Objective 2A: Try to be more understanding and stop unnecessary shit-talking just because it’s “fun”

Goal 3: Remain motivated with exercise
Objective 3A: Stay consistent and lift, lift, lift
Objective 3B: Do more cardio too

More to come, probably.